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Vascular treatment

Thread veins are tiny blood vessels which run close to the surface of the skin, they can be seen as purple or red dilated colour. They are often called spider veins or broken veins, the medical term is telangiectasia. They can appear on the face and body. 

What causes them ?

Although there are no certain known cause, thread veins tend to develop as we age. Other prime factors are temperature changes , hormonal changes, inherit from family members, strain on a body parts, too much sunbathing, prolonged standing can aggravate the condition, smoking and alcohol have all been attributed to the development of thread veins.

Women are more prone to them then men as pregnancy and the menopause  are thought to be a huge factor their development.

How are they treated?

At the skin & laser clinic we use either a medical grade diode laser.  After the treatment while some  veins may disappear instantly, most of the veins will gradually shrink and disperse from the body over a period of around 8-10 weeks.

Thread veins can cause many sufferers to be self-conscious and anxious and the root of other emotional and psychological problems. So why continue to suffer in silence, book a free consultation today with one of our experiences skin practitioners.

We also have great success in treating cherry angioma and venous lakes.