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LFX is a new, non- invasive laser treatment with a lactic, salicylic and glycolic acid peel followed by vitamin C serum to give you a firmer, glowing, hydrated skin. It is available ONLY from the Skin & Laser Clinic in Southampton.

Treats skin imperfections, tightens and tones, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, targets enlarged pores, reduces acne and breakouts, scarring and post acne discolouration, lifts pigmentation/mild sun damage, removes dead skin from the superficial epidermal layer, stimulates collagen production and restores the skins integrity and natural radiance.

How does LFX work

The first part of the LFX treatment is laser rejuvenation. This works in the deep dermis targeting the fibroblasts, causing it injury. This then stimulates collagen and elastin fibres, the healing processes produces new healthy production, the rejuvenation process.

In the second phase, the peel, the glycolic helps reduce fine lines, improve areas of dryness and even reduce pigmentation and acne.

For the final phase, a vitamin C serum is applied. Vitamin C is the most important skin antioxidant protecting against damage from free radicals in the environment. Vitamin C works by speeding up the natural skin repair system and inhibiting further damage.

Your skin will be firmer, brighter, more hydrated and radiant. The LFX treatment process will continue to work over the next few days and your skin will increasingly improve.

Does LFX hurt?

No, it’s a gentle yet effective treatment. You might experience a slight tingling feeling as we apply the peel.

How often should I have the LFX?

We recommend one LFX monthly to maintain the skin’s elasticity and radiance.

To start your path to younger, smoother skin simply book a free consultation today with one of our experienced skin practitioners at the Skin & Laser Clinic, Southampton.


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