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Ear Wax Microsuction

If you have waxy or blocked ears, or you’ve noticed that your hearing has gone down recently, then do not worry as help is at hand. We offer you a safe, comfortable and quick way to have your ears cleared of wax and any other blockages. 

The procedure known as microsuction is currently the preferred and recommended method to remove ear wax using a head-worn binocular microscope, which provides direct visualisation of the ear canal. A gentle vacuum is then applied with a suction machine to remove the wax. This is the same technique used to remove wax in hospitals and does not involve instillation of water into the ear canal (otherwise known as syringing). 

Syringing of the ear is no longer recommended as it is essentially a blind procedure and is often ineffective, and can be associated with complications, including dizziness or perforation of the eardrum. 

The microsuction procedure will be carried out by our own clinic boss, Dr Rami Salib. Rami is a highly qualified Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon and Associate Professor with over 

20 years experience in ENT. 

The procedure is quick, usually pain free and should take no longer than 30 minutes for both ears. So if you are after a quick and gentle wax removal experience in a pleasant setting, and would rather not have to wait for months to get it done in the NHS, then please contact us and we’ll get you sorted in no time.