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Are you struggling with pockets of fat in your face or body? If so, body fat dissolving injections may be the solution for you!

Fat dissolver is a compound solution from the deoxycholate family that has been modified  by creating a slow release sugar-based system, the biological half life is reduced which results in minimal side effects.

The treatment consists of depositing the solution into a localised area of fat. The products locks into the cell walls, liquefies the fat cells permanently destroying them, releasing lipids that are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system with excretion.

How many treatments are needed?

Depending on the area and client fat dissolving typically requires a course of  2-8 treatments at 4 weeks intervals.


What areas can be treated?

-Double chin   

-The entire body                                                                                                                                 

( Knees, hips, saddle bags, thighs, stomach and more)


What to expect after the treatment?

After the treatment you can expect some of the skin to feel warm to touch, swelling, redness and the skin may feel tender which will subside after 4-6 days.

Included is a complimentary radiofrequency  skin tightening treatment 2 weeks after fat dissolving .

This is not a weight loss programme.  As the released fatty acid are converted into additional energy, it is especially important that you keep a strict and healthy diet, otherwise your body will simply store the fat in an alternative fat depot.